Yayasan Ikhlas Ipoh Ambassador Delivers COVID-19 Aid To Tahfiz Students  

The increase in Covid-19 cases, especially the Omicron variant, which has hit the whole country, has also affected boarding schools in several states over the past few days, making the location of the safe bubble start to leak, and more and more students are being infected with the dangerous virus.

In Ipoh, a total of 78 Tahfiz students and staff of Akademi Ikatan Muslimin and Maahad Imtiyaz were also infected with the Covid-19 virus when most of them were facing SPM and STAM examinations.

In this regard, the Deputy Mufti of Perak, SS Dato Haji Zamri bin Hashim as the Ambassador of Yayasan Ikhlas Ipoh accompanied by the Manager of Yayasan Ikhlas Ipoh, Mr Hassriq Hafize, came down to donate Covid 19 health kits and cash donations to these two Tahfiz educational institutions.

According to Dato Haji Zamri, “I, as the Ambassador of Yayasan Ikhlas, would like to thank all the donors. Your donations had reached the students of tahfiz Maahad Imtiyaz and Akademi Ikatan Muslimin to ease their burden when the Covid 19 “test hit them.

“I also call on the public to continue to contribute to Yayasan Ikhlas for the welfare of as many as possible. May more donations be given to many recipients in need. “

The Executive Director of Akademi Ikatan Muslimin, Ustaz Mohd Najib Bin Sadli, also thanked Yayasan Ikhlas and the contributors willing to extend assistance to Akademi Ikatan Muslimin, which has a total of 452 students.

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