Apartment’s Surau Contributed To The Mosque Carpet Fund

Yayasan Ikhlas is invited to receive donations collected by Surau Al Khairiyah, Block C, Apartment Taman Medan Jaya for three days in the apartment area, a total of 420 houses (doors).

Upon arrival, it was seen that a small tube was placed in front of 2 elevators that accommodated a 15-storey population of about 2000 people. Despite the closure of the donation fund, there are still people asking to donate again.

According to the Chairman of the Surau, Mr Azzam, many people want to contribute when the month of Rejab enters because they know the reward multiplied in this month compared to the usual month.

Yayasan Ikhlas received a contribution in checks and cash of RM 3,800. If divided by 420 houses in Block C alone, each home has contributed RM 9.

Subhanallah, an initiative that is very good and should be emulated by surau and mosques.

We also handed over ten sets of shrouds to the Jumhuriyyah Mosque, Taman Dato Harun, to use funeral arrangements for the following friends.

Coincidentally, one of the municipal council members was also present and told that the Block area was hot and famous during PKP because more than 150 houses (doors) were positive at the same time—one-day death case over five corpses. People who are managing corpses and are doing talkin at graves often get covid positive case alert calls.

Hopefully, they will become famous for their diligence in collecting these donations in the future.

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