The residents of Kampung Cenderamata were victims of the fire three years ago, in 2019. There is no other option, but the bridge is the main route for them to pass.

For almost three years, the residents of Kampung Cenderamata have been suffering from using the bridge, which is old and can collapse to worship the earth at any time.

Before construction

It is not easy for them because the old wooden bridge can injure anyone, including pregnant mothers, children and even senior citizens who have passed there.

However, the story of the villagers has attracted and touched the heart of a generous woman who wants to change the lives of the villagers of Kampung Cenderamata.

The bridge was finally successfully built in just two days from the date of construction, which is from 11 February 2022 and completed on 12 February 2022.

After Construction

It is the result of the cooperation of all the villagers there regardless of race, religion and age.

Alhamdulillah, after three years of suffering, finally, in 2 days, the bridge was ready to be built—no more worries along crossing this bridge.

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