Students walk through the forest and bushes to school

STUDENTS who live in rural areas in Semporna, Sabah mostly come from poor families, in addition, they have serious transportation problems, especially children who want to go to school.

Either way, as early as 6.15 am, they have already started walking out of the house to the waiting area for the vehicle to avoid congestion when boarding the vehicle that has been scheduled according to certain times.

If they are lucky, then they can get on a bus or van whose fare is only RM1. However, if the bus is full, they have to ride an Illegal taxicab whose fare is RM7 one way.

Therefore, the students here will forget their desire to go to school because they cannot afford to pay the Illegal taxicab fare. Their pocket money only has a sum of RM5 for school supplies.

Because of this, many students arrive late to school. However, Siti (not her real name), a 10-year-old student had to go through a challenging life by choosing to walk about 7km to school with two of her friends.

For the sake of learning, Siti and her friend are willing to cross the forest and roam the bush. Difficult conditions like this did not discourage Siti from continuing to go to school.

The difficulties she went through caused an officer of Yayasan Ikhlas to be very touched to hear Siti’s expression asking for help to be able to send her to school.

We at Yayasan Ikhlas are very committed and concerned about extending help, especially to those who are in dire need. Yayasan Ikhlas is trying to collect funds to get a four-wheel drive vehicle and a van to help students in rural areas who need transport assistance to the school.

In addition, it also aims to carry the remains and also facilitate the transportation of patients to hospitals and clinics to receive treatment.

Hopefully every time they ride in the vehicle you donated, the reward from it will always flow to the giver.

Channel your help at×4 or directly donate to Maybank account 5628 3463 6228.

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