Nursing & Health Science Students Attend 500 People, Residents of Orang Asli Community

KUALA MU, Sept 25 – Three days and two nights with the Orang Asli community of Kampung Kuala Mu is enough to provide an extraordinary experience for the medical students of Murni International College.

More than 500 Orang Asli residents have been successfully entertained with various interesting activities such as Health Carnival, Iqra Al-Husna Class, Orang Asli Dakwah Casual Chat Forum, Mahabbah Pilgrimage, Sports, and Rewang.

The program which was organized for the first time by Yayasan Ikhlas Ipoh in collaboration with Murni International College and the Sungai Siput District Islamic Religious Office has received a very encouraging response from the indigenous community here.

En Zakaria Bin Ahmad the Head of Student Affairs (HEP) of the Murni International College and Head of the Group said, “Programs like this give a lot of exposure to the students of the Batch 35 course about culture, customs, and ways of life indigenous people here.

He added that the majority of the participants of the Murni International College were very excited because this was the first time they had carried out a Community Service assignment outside of Negeri Sembilan and they were very interested in the beauty of the Kuala Mu Indigenous Village coupled with its very friendly community.

Tok Batin Hadu Bin Long said, “I would like to thank Yayasan Ikhlas and all the students for choosing our village to carry out activities with the village community. We are very happy with the presence of the ladies who helped us a lot here.”

A total of 12 students and 3 staff members from Murni International College participated in the Orang Asli Community Service Program in Kuala Mu Orang Village from 23 to 25 last September.

Murni International College is located in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, and has chosen Yayasan Ikhlas as a partner for the Community Service Course for Batch 35 Nursing Diploma.

Your Humanitarian Partner,

Yayasan Ikhlas

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