Mobile facility assistance for Nabil Najmi

Yayasan Ikhlas has gone to Bukit Jalil to visit the family of Nabil Najmi, 26, who has been suffering from “Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy” since birth.

He was taken care of full time by his mother and father because of his destitute condition and inability to move as agile as his peers. At the same time, his father has also been suffering from neurological diseases for the past 15 years.

Special Needs Car Seat (Custom Made) is an aid tool recommended by HUKM Rehabilitation Specialist used to facilitate the caregiver’s business to manage Nabil Najmi.

This is to make it much easier to handle at home and to ride in a vehicle to lessen the danger of spinal issues while also allowing parents to take Nabil for a walk in the car.

Yayasan Ikhlas targets more patients to be helped through the Bantu Pesakit Sihat program regardless of religious and racial background.

Let us contribute to those who are as fortunate as Nabil Najmi. Support from you can re-carve their smiles and hopes.

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