Fire Destroys Water Houses In Landung Ayang

Not 10, not 20, but almost 179 burnt houses were licked by fire in Landung Ayang Laut, Kudat Sabah.

Among the saddest is the story that almost claimed a baby’s life due to his mother being too panicked by what happened.

Alhamdulillah with the cooperation of kind neighbours, they rescued this child quickly before the gas cylinder explosion occurred in the fire area.

All the houses inhabited for so long were destroyed in the blink of an eye. The house is gone, and only memory remains.

Imagine if this situation happened to us? Are we strong enough to face it?

Let us lighten the burden of our brothers in Landung Ayang by contributing wholeheartedly. Let’s help now

Yayasan Ikhlas,
Peduli & Prihatin

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