Carpet submission at Bukit Lada Mosque, Pahang

The handing over of post-flood carpets took place at the Bukit Lada Mosque, Temerloh Pahang.

The handing over of the carpet was also attended by several mosque committee members and the Director of Corporate Relations of Yayasan Ikhlas, Ir. Haji Kamaruddin Kassim.

Last December, the massive floods paralyzed the mosque to the roof level and caused severe damage.

The geographical condition of the mosque, which is located close to swamps and rivers, makes the mosque vulnerable to flooding and frequent floods.

The mosque, active with recitation classes and religious lectures, was also affected when severe floods hit and could not carry out activities as usual.

With the generosity of the donors, Yayasan Ikhlas immediately handed over the carpet to speed up the installation of the carpet on the Bukit Lada Mosque.

The carpet, which is easy to roll, can also help the mosque flood in the future. It is easy to remove and safe from damage.

The Chairman of the Bukit Lada Mosque, Haji Hassan Shaari, also thanked the millions of contributors who were willing to help with the installation of carpets in their mosques.

Hopefully, with the donation of this carpet, it can facilitate the worship and religious activities of the locals. Furthermore, it also facilitates community activities that will be carried out there.

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