Asnaf eats boxed pieces along with puddles of water at an African landfill

DISTRIBUTION of korban’s meat implemented by Yayasan Ikhlas for the year 2022 can help the asnaf in Africa. As a result of the participation of Malaysians through the Korban Ikhlas campaign, which is held every year, assistance is channeled to them. This is because 55 percent of Chad people, including the Muslim community, live in the fourth poorest country in the world and the third-highest level of hunger.

Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world. According to a World Population Review statement, Africa is the second-largest and most populous continent on earth, with an estimated population in 2016 of 1.2 billion people.

Africa is a settlement of 54 countries divided into 5 parts: North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, and South Africa. The United Nations (UN) stated in 2009 that the population of the African continent had reached one billion, which has doubled in 27 years.

A sharing from one of the staff at Yayasan Ikhlas about his experience while managing the distribution of korban’s meat in the Republic of Chad district stated that most of them are asnaf whose lives are impoverished. Some of them ate the pieces from the boxes that were thrown at the garbage disposal, and then they smashed the pieces of the boxes with the water found in the puddles in the water reservoir by the roadside.

A child is sitting in front of a sewer in a squatter area of Kibera, Nairobi.

This came as a huge surprise to this officer while he was there. Imagine them living a continuous life daily and the meat they can only taste once a year in conjunction with Hari Raya Korban.

With passion and sincerity in helping the Muslim community, Yayasan Ikhlas has been realizing the korban project in Chad for 6 years since 2016 and has received recognition from the Religious Council in Chad. With the experience and skills in managing korban, a total of 3000 trained staff also help to facilitate all matters such as the slaughtering process, butchering meat, up to the distribution of korban’s meat so that the distribution reaches those in need.

Yayasan Ikhlas would like to invite everyone, especially those who can perform korban. With one part of your participation, at least you have made the hearts of the people of Chad happy there apart from the rewards. Visit or call 010-3030530 for more information. Carvings of smiles radiated on their lips as they received the korban’s meat.

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