A mother’s heart, tears flowed in response

IMAGINE there is an old mother who lives alone in a poor, small house located far inland. Yes, alone without children and grandchildren. Alone spent the rest of the old days.

During the Korban, Yayasan Ikhlas staff had the opportunity to meet an elderly mother. She lives in a village surrounded by hills about three hours away from the city.

This mother almost every day sits in thought on the porch of the house while watching the neighbor’s children playing in front of her house. The house occupied by this old woman looks dilapidated, even though she says she is 66 years old. Now, she lives alone because her husband died a long time ago and her son lives far away.

This mother’s previous job was planting siguk (tobacco), and after being tested with health problems and illnesses, she was unable to work completely. Until now she has no income, except with the courtesy of neighbors and village chiefs who are concerned.

When asked how often her son came home to see her, she didn’t answer anything except that tears flowed down her face. We tried to calm her down, even though we had some difficulty communicating.

Yayasan Ikhlas staff is visiting a single mother at her home.

A small donation of ringgit money and korban meat was handed over for her to enjoy. She cried again, without us understanding what she was trying to convey. The atmosphere became silent for a moment and those of us who were present held back tears.

This mother lives alone and coupled with her illness, she needs help. Even so, this mother kept more feelings in her little heart.

The journey to this mother’s house passes through the mountains. The route to this village had to go through a very challenging road, going up and down hills and bushes and sharp turns that are only suitable to be traveled by using a 4WD vehicle.

Our group was a little surprised to see a small truck fall into the gorge, but the driver was safe.

Come with us to fund 4WD vehicles for use in the interior of Sabah. Surely this vehicle is very helpful for us to channel aid to the asnaf in places far inland.

To donate please visit https://sedekahsini.com/4×4/ or donate directly to the Maybank account – Yayasan Ikhlas 5628 3463 6228 (Reference: 4WD).

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