23 Years Suffering From AMC, This Child Depends On Mother’s Nature

‘Walk in their shoes is an apt proverb to describe the suffering of a 23 -year -old man when diagnosed with Multiple Congenital Arthrogryposis (AMC) or physical disability.

When a young man continues his education or works to support his family, Awang Azrul still hopes for his mother’s nature, who does not have a fixed income.

In addition, his father suffers from gout and is unable to lift the third child of the six siblings to the toilet.

Therefore, Yayasan Ikhlas Sarawak and Pengamal Perubatan dan Kesihatan Muslim Malaysia (I-Medik) Sarawak on October 17, took the initiative to extend assistance to ease the burden for Awang’s family at his residence near Kuching, Sarawak.

Through the Bantu Pesakit Sihat campaign, donations are given in the form of a special wheelchair that allows patients to go to the toilet, in addition to disposable diaper assistance and cash.

“Awang suffers from AMC, a disease that is rarely heard of and occurs from birth.

“Besides, he is an OKU (disabled person) cardholder since birth and needs special care,” said Yayasan Ikhlas Ambassador, Dr Khairol Jambli

The donation was presented by the Ambassador of Yayasan Ikhlas, Dr Mohd Khairol Jambli and accompanied by the Chairman of I-Medik Sarawak, Dr Mohd Naqib Ahmad Napis.

Meanwhile, Yayasan Ikhlas Sarawak Officer Hafeez Morni said Awang could once feed himself. However, when his spine was fitted with titanium iron, he had to rely on others to do so.

“The Titanium should have been opened, but due to the implementation of the PKP (Movement Control Order), the matter has been delayed,” he added.

Hafeez said Awang had previously received financial assistance from various non -governmental organizations (NGOs) and the Social Welfare Department to cover the cost of his treatment which reached tens of thousands of ringgit.

People who want to channel assistance to Awang can do so through the Yayasan Ikhlas account, Maybank: 5628 3463 6228, Reference: BPSYI or click on the link ikhlas.fund/ms/kempen/bantu-pesakit-sihat.

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