132 houses in Sik will receive the benefits of clean water

Yayasan Ikhlas Alor Setar branch in the final phase of the construction of a water tube well in Kampung Tanah Hitam Sik, Kedah. This project will supply clean water through the installation of distribution pipes to 270 residents.

Projek Air Bersih is carried out in the endowment land of the Islamic cemetery of Kampung Tanah Hitam, Mukim Sik. This land is under the ownership of Majlis Agama Islam Negeri Kedah.

Yayasan Ikhlas Public Relations Director Ir Kamaruddin Kassim said that the construction of a tube well using a hybrid system of underground water and hill water on land owned by Majlis Agama Islam Negeri Kedah with an area of 13,308 would be distributed to 270 households for daily use.

‘We supply 132 families here with a capacity of 51,000 liters; thank God the well-digging process has been completed.’ He added.

Villagers here on average have a low income. Most of them carry out agricultural activities such as tapping rubber in the forest in search of cane, and a few become construction workers in the area around where they live.

At the same time, Projek Air Bersih will be implemented in several other areas according to the funds collected including in Baling, Pitas Sabah, Pekan Pahang, and Kampung Keniong, Simunjan Sarawak.

Yayasan Ikhlas is an NGO that runs the Projek Air Bersih using Hybrid technology. We would like to invite the entire Malaysian community to contribute to this Projek Air Bersih so that many more rural residents will benefit from your contribution.

Visit bit.ly/AirBersihSik or Maybank – 5628 3463 6228 (Reference: Projek Air Bersih)

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